Resurrection of Evil

Was Adolf Hitler still alive when the Russians took the bunker in 1945? According to history, Hitler committed suicide in April 1945 and the charred remains of both his and Eva Braun’s bodies were recovered by the Russian Secret Police. However rumour has always followed and the 2009 DNA tests only served to deepen the mystery. Forensic Dentist Steve Landau is recruited by a shadowy organisation to identify the remains believed to be those of Hitler. His results are explosive and lead him on a trail through Europe and Russia. His investigations take him to one of Stalin’s most secure and secretive prisons. Just who was the prisoner being held here under the tightest security in history? What he discovered would forever change our view of world history. If only he can survive long enough to tell. Resurrection of Evil, is the second novel in the Steve Landau series.

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False Impressions

Murder is not new to New York City. It does, however, have a new player. Savaging his victims one by one, he leads us on a twisting chase down a path of gruesome deaths. The evidence is tantalizingly familiar, yet eerily strange.

Consulting on the case with the New York Police Department is Steve Landau, forensic odontologist. He has one foot loosely tied in the expected and the other firmly planted outside the norm. Divorced, living on a sailboat with his cat, he switches from murder investigator to loving father as easily as he changes the gears in his Porsche. Steve struggles to understand the evidence extracted from each grisly murder. He is joined by Detective Lonnie Wright, former NFL linebacker, and Nita Lazar, a forensic psychologist. As the three follow the elusive truth, what seems to be real is pieced together, bit by chilling bit, to reveal a shocking reality.

Nothing is obvious in False Impressions. Not the hero. Not the villain. Certainly, not the truth.


About the Author

Stanley Frankel

I am a forensic dentist who writes harrowing but challenging murder mysteries with many laugh out loud moments throughout the script.  The main characters in “False Impressions,” the first in the Steve and Nita series are a forensic dentist  and a forensic psychologist, a zany couple who use unorthodox methods to trap a serial killer.  False Impressions will be published by Zharmae Publishing Press, L.L.C., in the spring of 2012.

I live with my wife singer, Elayna Woods, in Greenwich Village, New York City and on weekends in a converted barn in a small hamlet on the New York side of the Berkshires, where I cook gourmet meals in my country home, ski, and write my novels.