Steve and Nita Series

False Impressions: The first in the macabre and humorous mystery series where forensic dentist Steve Landau, and forensic psychologist Nita Lazar, assist the NYPD investigate and capture a serial murderer dubbed the Dracula Killer.  

Resurrection of Evil: This is an original, fast-paced adventure novel.  Steve, Nita and an international spy consortium is created to identify the exhumed remains of Adolph Hitler. They recruit forensic dentist, Steve Landau, and his love interest, forensic psychologist, Nita Lazar to help them in their fact-finding mission. The story traces the forensic investigative trail through Europe and the United States as the two protagonists uncover the truth of what really happened when the Russians broke into the Fuehrerbunker. Their findings, if made public, would shock the world and change the course of history.

Seeking Saint Christopher:  Forensic doctors’ Steve and Nita are recruited by the Pope torecover the stolen remains of St. Christopher from the Italian Mafia. 

A Tooth for a Tooth: A fictionalized version of a true story, where the dynamic duo of Steve and Nita conduct an exhaustive search to analyze a deranged dentist, and how he infected six of his patients with the AIDS virus. 

Alas Poor Yorick:  Steve uncovers a skeleton blocks away from the World Trade Center, moments before 9/11. After three weeks, he finds Nita in an amnesiac state in a hospital, and following her recovery, she helps Steve identify the skeleton and the man who killed her.  

What Goes Around:  Tara overcomes a disastrous childhood to become a talk show hostess, and exposes the murderer of her closest friend on her show.

Emeralds DOA:  (A work in progress.) Steve uncovers a plot to smuggle emeralds by hiding them inside scooped out teeth.